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Guaranteed Phone Store has access to hundreds of deals from our partners, which you can obtain exclusively only through our unique service. Here are our most popular deals that our customers love!

Pay Monthly Phones
If you need a new mobile to come along your contract plan, then we highly recommend you choose among our widest range of pay monthly phones that offer you flexible contract terms. Aside from the typical 18 and 24-month plans, we also have 12-month contracts on offer for those who do not want the long term commitments involved with a contract phone. This also allows you to upgrade your phone much sooner if you can’t qualify for the most expensive gadgets at the moment.
SIM Only Deals
If you currently own a mobile phone that you’re still in love with, why force yourself to upgrade? With our top-rated SIM only deals, you get to keep your existing phone so you only have to worry about the cost of your mobile services. All our partner providers have very attractive rates on their SIM only contract plans. Whether you need more texts, minutes, data, or need an all-unlimited package, we’ll help you choose one that offers the most value out of your money. Best of all, SIM only plans don’t let you get stuck in long contracts.
30-Day Rolling Contracts
If you’re still unsure whether a SIM only contract is right for you, might as well give it a try by trying out for our 30-day rolling contracts. All you have to do is test the service for 30 days, then decide for yourself if you want to renew for 12-month SIM only deals or opt out of the service, no questions asked! Because no handsets are included with SIM only deals, approval is guaranteed! You just need to submit a few requirements and get your new SIM within the day. If it’s still not enough for you, you can keep your old number and we’ll help port it to the new SIM card!
Capped Contracts
Do you call or text frequently? Are you a data hog? Do you find yourself running out of credits with PAYG, or consistently going over your monthly allowance in your existing contract? You can now try our capped contracts, where you’ll never have to pay more than your agreed amount! The cost of capping varies from provider to provider, but we assure you, it’s definitely worth the price instead of suffering from bill shocks month after month!
Freebies and Bonuses
Here at Guaranteed Phone Store, we’re not only focused at the present, but we’re also looking out for your future! We certainly do not want to reward your loyalty with nothing. After every successful contract, you can choose from among the nicest bonuses in the form of free credits, data, or rebates. In fact, you may even be able to upgrade to a new handset for free!