------------------------ What Type of Phone to Purchase? ------------------------

Whether you are buying a new phone outright or are getting one out of a phone contract, every mobile user requires a different type of phone. If you’re unsure whether jumping to the newest smartphone or sticking to a medium-end device will be the best option for you, read the following guide.

Basic Phones
As the term suggests, these phones are just that – basic. Basic phones do not offer outstanding features beyond calls and texts. These are the ones that use old keypads or QWERTY. These phones don’t have the ability to tether, let alone connect to internet through Wi-Fi.
While some basic phones may include cameras, these are not of quality. You may benefit from a basic phone if you don’t need your phone to connect to the internet, you don’t need plenty of storage, you don’t need to take pictures, and pretty much anything else. Basic phones may be good enough if you have other gadgets meant to perform these tasks separately. Additionally, basic phones may be appropriate if your credit is extremely bad, such as one damaged with bankruptcy.
Feature Phones
On the other hand, feature phones are an upgrade from basic phones, because these phones have nice cameras, touch screen capabilities, and they allow you to connect to the internet. These phones may belong to low-to-mid price range, depending on the make and brand. Many of these phones are decent enough, and some actually almost pass the smartphone category. Although as expected, they fall a bit behind on the newest and most expensive gadgets, feature and performance wise.
Feature phones may be an excellent choice for those with average credit rating and average budget. If you’re not dying to get the highest megapixels or you don’t need much of a quad-core processor, feature phones are a good choice.
Obviously, smartphones are the most expensive of these groups. Smartphones are equipped with the most powerful processors that allow you to multitask with ease. Smartphones also come with very impressive cameras that allow you to take DSLR-quality photos. Most smartphones are also very gorgeous and have impressive build quality. Smartphones are also equipped with nifty little extras that aim to impress users, whether these features are actually a necessity or not.
Smartphones are the hardest to apply for when your credit is pretty much damaged. You should refrain from applying for these phones under contract, unless you have a flawless credit rating.
Key Questions to Ask When Looking for a Network Provider
When choosing a phone, you also have to know how to choose a mobile network provider. What can an amazing phone be if your network is not that great enough for you to enjoy? Knowing the best and the worst from a network provider might give you ideas whether to choose this or not, and also for you to benefit from it. You should also ask the important things when you are searching for the right provider in case you might encounter issues in the future. Here are most of the questions that are asked prior to availing for the contract:
How far could your network coverage go?
Being aware of the network coverage of a provider is one of the most essential things you need to take heed. In numerous occasions, the coverage and signal strength of your provider would rely on where you are located. Check from your network provider if their coverage and signal is good in the location you are living. If not, you will suffer from paying for an inconsistent coverage and strength which may be the worst experience for you. You can ask someone from your neighbourhood for suggestions and recommended network providers so it will be easier for you to choose.
How fast are your data services?
With steady and strong signals and coverage, you will be able to send and receive messages quickly, and make calls without any interference. If they are offering you a really good deal, be sure that the speed of their data services are that good too. This focuses on those who are constantly using their mobile phones for Internet browsing and surfing. As a customer who deserves the best, your duty is to find that high-speed data services.
Are there any other plans that are applicable to me?
When you have finally chosen the right provider with fast data services and strong coverage, it is time for you to look for the kind of plan that they are offering. Most of these plans include how long the contract is, data usage, and the monthly pay. Majority of these providers in UK, even until now, offers pay contracts since they are sought-after by the people. Others, though, opt for prepaid. If you do not like any of these, you can just ask from them the right plan that suits you best.
What kind of mobile phones are offered?
We may think these providers have the latest phones to be offered, but sadly not all. You may have had your eye on that mobile phone but it turns out only a different provider has offered it and the one you chose doesn’t. However, you may have decided to change to that but you found out that their coverage and data services are slow for you. In the end, you will have to sacrifice that dream phone of yours for better coverage, signal and data services. The provider though would not mind if you ask them if they have other phones that you might like.
Ways in Lengthening the Lifespan of Your Battery
Your phone would not matter, even if it is the most costly phone ever, if your phone’s battery does not last through the day for you to do all the things that need to be done in the given amount of time. With all those cool features in your phone that it can do a lot of things at the same time, your phone may not typically last that long unless you hurriedly plug it in to a socket before its battery dies. Here are some ways in order for you to extend the duration of your phone battery.
Turn your phone off
Turning your phone off may sound like a bad idea, but there are cases though you would need to do so. For instance, when you are off to bed, when you are in a location that has really bad coverage and signal, when you are in a business meeting that you do not want to embarrass yourself if your phone would suddenly ring in the middle of a discussion, and when you are waiting for any calls or text messages as of the moment that turning off your phone could actually save your battery. Also, if you do not want to, you can just turn the airplane mode or power saving mode.
Adjust the Brightness of your screen
Phones whose screens are so bright use a lot of energy and eventually drains your battery. You can stop this from happening by adjusting the brightness that would fit perfectly for your eyes. Try not using live wallpapers since they also use up battery juice.
Turn off the Flash
The flash that your camera uses can also take up a lot of battery juice. When you think you do not need a flash to take photographs, turn your flash off.
Disable Connectivity
The three energy-consumers are your GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, when enabled, are constantly in the hunt for signals or connections and these are one of the major factors why your battery is quickly drained into nothing. If you do not need to be connected to any of these, then it is best that you turn them off to save battery energy.
Avoiding your phone battery to fully drain
The apps that you are running behind the background are also one of the factors that can drain your battery. Go to your settings and see which apps are running and turn them all off if you do not need to use them.
Keep some of the battery juice for expected calls and texts
When you are located somewhere that it is impossible for you to recharge your phone, save the remaining battery by not doing other unnecessary stuffs on your phone. Instead of playing your favourite game, checking your social networks, video chatting, web browsing, save what is left of your battery for calls and texts that might be urgent.
Disable vibration and key tones
There is nothing wrong if you turn off your phone vibration and key tones since a lot of the people find this completely annoying and bothersome. You can turn these off if you think you do not need to use them on a certain moment.