------------------------ How to Get Approved for a Mobile Contract Easily? ------------------------

It’s always a challenge to get accepted for a contract mobile phone whenever you’re having credit problems. Luckily for you, Guaranteed Phone Store has compiled tried and tested tips to ensure success in your mobile phone application.

Don’t be too Picky
We’re not saying that you should settle for anything else, but at this point, you’ll need to prioritise thinking about the savings and not the phone itself. The first and main goal is to secure a phone contract successfully, and in order to do that, you’ll need to lower your standards on the phones that you’re trying to apply for. Applying for basic phones are not utterly necessary, although the results can be hugely different between applying for a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Samsung Galaxy S3.
Bottom line is, you don’t have to target the newest phones in the market, but you can still obtain very nice phones that are easy to qualify for, and are easy on the budget.
Pick Cheaper Packages
Unless you’ll end up hitting bill shocks month after month, consider packages with fewer credits – those that will translate to lower monthly rates as well. Providers may be a bit hesitant to grant your application if you’re asking for too much.
The trick here is to assess your consumption very carefully. Both overbuying and under buying can end up wasting a lot of cash, so be very careful. Lower monthly plans will also benefit you over the long haul.
Choose SIM Only
SIM only deals are one of the hottest nowadays. They’re worth applying for if your existing phone is still in good condition and you’re still happy with it. SIM only contracts are just the same as your regular mobile contracts, just without the phone. So basically, these are cheaper, and definitely easy to get approved for, no matter how bad your credit rating may be. If you’re put off by 24-month mobile contracts, SIM only deals give you the same benefits without the long lock in periods, as they come in 30-day rolling plans or 12-month plans.
Prepare Some Deposit
While you don’t want to shell out cash as much as possible, a security deposit may be helpful if your credit score is extremely bad and you want a new phone to come with your contract. This reduces the risk on the network’s part, thus your chances for approval are higher. Don’t worry because the money will be returned to you provided that you made all your monthly payments on time.
Pay Off Other Dues
Providers are put off to know that you have a lot of other obligations on hand. They’ll become worried if you still have the capacity to meet your phone repayments with other responsibilities to face. If it’s impossible to clear your balances all at once, make sure to at least try to reduce them. It’s also worth checking if you are current with your other bills, so make sure you never be late again.
Enlist Your Name in the Electoral Roll
All businesses, including network providers would want to ensure they are providing their services to real people. Any sign of fraud or questionable identity will get you rejected. One of the simplest ways to verify your identity is to have your name listed on the electoral roll, which can prevent doubts.
Always Check Your Credit Report for Errors
In some instances, bad credit may be brought upon by other reasons beyond your control, like identity theft and fraud. It’s worth checking your credit report occasionally for errors that could pull your score down, such as name misspellings, missing accounts, and other. If there are suspicious activities on your account, you should check your credit file more frequently.
Ask a Guarantor’s Help
Lastly, you can ask a friend, colleague, or a family member to become your guarantor. Having someone with good credit that should back up your application will almost always translate to success. Just make sure you and the guarantor know what to expect, and understand your own responsibilities. To know more about getting a phone contract with bad credit, here is a more detailed guide from Uswitch.