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Welcome to Guaranteed Phone Store! Are you shopping around for a contract mobile phone, but to no avail? Have companies rejected your applications because of poor credit score? Stop right there and look no further, because Guaranteed Phone Store provides the answer to your needs. Just fill out our simple application form and we’ll show you the best contract phones for bad credit within the next few minutes!

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What we do?

Guaranteed Phone Store works in partnership with some of the UK’s most notable network providers such as EE, Virgin Media, Three, and Tesco Mobile, just to name a few. We watch out for limited deals that they offer to customers with bad credit rating, and compile them in our database for you to access at any time. The offers we post are the top-rated ones, meaning other customers have qualified for them as well
One of the myths that doesn’t seem to die about bad credit mobile phones is that applying for networks that offer guaranteed phone contracts is the best route to avoid rejections. The truth is, the chance of getting denied couldn’t be any less than if you apply for bigger named providers. This is because all of them will perform credit checks as part of the application process and you can never escape that. In short, it’s not about choosing which network to apply for, but rather, choosing which deals to apply for.
When you apply for guaranteed phone contracts at lesser known networks such as Shebang, your choice of handsets is most likely going to be limited. Additionally, the tariffs offered are very expensive. You don’t have to suffer the same fate that others did if you choose to apply through Guaranteed Phone Store.
All it takes is knowing which deals are currently offered for different types of credit, and that’s where we come in! When you apply through Guaranteed Phone Store, there’s no reason for you to get disapproved, and no reason to fear even the biggest network provider! If you need more tips on how to ace your application, you can find out more here.

Why Apply Online?
You may learn from other guides that it is best to apply with the networks directly if you’re seeking to obtain a mobile phone contract with bad credit. However, this is not always the case. In fact, applying online can save you a ton of time and money from having to visit every network’s physical store, only to find out that the deal you are looking for is not available. When you apply online, you’ll know in advance what products are currently on offer
Browsing online also keeps you updated. If you want to have all the latest deals all in one place and be able to access them at any time, you get to do so! We continuously update our database when the providers have exclusive offers on hand, so that you always get a front row seat and be ahead of others in applying.
Think of us as your middlemen. We do all the hard work while you get to sit at home and wait for our call once we’ve found you the right deal. Best of all, the decision is instant, and when you got approved, the phone will be delivered so you won’t have to leave your home, ever!

What Phones are Available?

Because we deal with numerous network providers, you’ll have a whole lot of options to choose from as compared to other websites which tend to limit your options to a few and the most basic of handsets.
While high-end gadgets such as the Apple iPhone 6 may be offered by our partners under various contract plans, we suggest that you refrain from applying for those handsets if your credit is bad. These phones are very difficult to qualify for and require stellar credit rating for you to be considered. We recommend going for much cheaper phones, and then simply upgrade after several months of paying your phone bills on time and building your trustworthiness.

Are There Any Fees?
Guaranteed Phone Store will never collect any fees from you. Be wary of other companies using our name and asking for your money in order to provide the information that we already give away for FREE!
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