------------------------ Why Guaranteed Phone Store? ------------------------

If you are wondering why you should choose Guaranteed Phone Store over our competitors, here are good reasons why.

High Acceptance Rates
We at Guaranteed Phone Store take pride in having one of the highest acceptance rates in the market. You do not have to look for guaranteed phone contracts offered by lesser known companies such as Shebang, because we can help you land the best contract phone deal from reliable networks that won’t overcharge you. Our established partnerships with the country’s finest providers allow us to secure a deal for our customers, 99.9% of the time
Widest Handset Options
Here at Guaranteed Phone Store, we always strive our best to give you the phone that you actually like. While it may be impossible to qualify for the likes of iPhone 6 Plus or Sony Xperia Z3, we ensure that you have more handset options through our vast database. We don’t want you to feel stuck with cheap phones, and unlike other companies, we don’t take advantage of your credit situation. We aim to give you decent phone choices and help you upgrade for a phone that you really like after only a few months.
Competitive Rates
Here at Guaranteed Phone Store, we always find a way to help you succeed in your bad credit mobile phone application, but without the extra costs that other sites will charge you. Because we work only with reputable lenders, you can rest assured that you can get the best deals at the lowest rates.
We are here to make things easy for you without hurting your wallet. More than anything, we want you to save the most money out of your deal and get back on track on your budget. Unlike our competitors, we will never charge you for our comparison service, and our partners will never rip you off.
Reliable Customer Service
We’ve put all our efforts and financial resources in outsourcing only experienced staff and building a reliable customer service system. We never let any of our customers end up dissatisfied or leave our site empty-handed. Even if you’re not decided to apply for a contract phone yet, we aim to impart a handful of information that will prove useful in your future contract applications, whether you use our company or not.
No matter what your concerns are, our team is available to answer all of your queries, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
100% FREE Service
It is our genuine desire to help you save on your mobile phone deal, not just get you a phone deal successfully. As part of this vision, we promise never to charge you for this comparison service of ours. Other sites may also claim that they will show you the deals for free, but in reality, they are hidden charges on top of your deal. This will never happen when you apply through Guaranteed Phone Store, because the networks themselves pay us the commission, not you.
So there’s no reason to look any further! Stay with Guaranteed Phone Store and you are guaranteed an affordable, quick to obtain phone contract!